When someone tells me that they purchased food storage from a commercial food storage company I always have mixed feelings. I am happy that they took positive steps and put away an essential commodity for their emergency storage. I also wonder if they did their homework and did they get what they thought they were buying and did they pay too much for it.

There are many companies that sell ready-made, freeze-dried meals for food storage. To just name a few: Legacy Premier, efoods Direct, Survival Cave, Wise Company,, Daily Bread and Lindon Farms.

I generally have no problems with most emergency preparedness companies but I have a problem with the way most of these companies promote and sell their food storage. I’ll use two companies that advertise a lot in my area to show what they do that gives me grief.

On the Wise Company web site, they sell a 720 Serving Package that they advertise as a “3 month supply – 2 servings of food per day for 4 adults”. This would also be a 1 year supply for 1 adult. The price is $1395. Sounds good on the surface but here is the problem. If you go their nutritional information page, the average number of calories per serving is 244 calories. If you eat 2 servings per day, that is only 488 calories per day. The average calories suggested per day for an adult is at least 1800 – 2000. Doctors suggest an 1800 calorie diet for men who want to lose weight. Women on an 1800 calorie per day diet would just maintain a healthy weight if they are moderately active. A diet of 488 calories a day is a starvation diet.

To take in 2000 calories per day using Wise Company food, you’d need to eat over 8 servings per day. At that rate, your 720 serving, 1 year supply, would last only 88 days. That is $15.85 a day. Buying enough to actually last a year would cost $5786.

Daily Bread foods advertises a 1920 serving package as a 6 month supply for 2 adults with 2 entrees per day. The package contains 740 entrees and 1180 servings of desserts and drinks. The cost is $2000. The average entree is 224 calories and the average dessert/drink serving is about 100 calories.

Eating 2 entrees and 3 dessert/drink serving each day would only provide 748 calories per day. If you consume 2000 calories per day, the Daily Bread package would last only 135 days. The cost would be $14.81 per day.

I’m not picking on these two companies. All the companies I listed above are about the same. Some are a little better, some are a little worse when it comes to the true cost per day for their food storage.

What concerns me most is that there are many well intentioned people out there that believe they have a year supply of food storage on hand but they actually have as little as 70 days of food storage on hand. What a disaster that is if you run out of food on day 70 of a 1 year emergency.

Next time I will give you my suggestions for a 1 year supply of food that supplies 2000 calories per day. Some of my plans cost as little as $1 per day per person. That sure beats $14 – $15 per day with the above commercial plans.



Ed Rogers
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