I have a new shotgun to add to my “Firearms On A Shoestring” List. It is the Hawk 982 pump shotgun imported by Interstate Arms.

Before we get any further, you need to get over the fact that the shotgun is made in China. It is made by Norinco. This is the same company that makes everything from small arms to anti-aircraft guns for the Chinese government. The shotgun has been imported for over 7 years. It has developed a very good reputation. Just Google “Hawk 982 review” and see for yourself.

So let’s get to specifics: 12 Gauge, 18.5″ Cylinder Barrel, 3″ Chamber, 5+1 Rounds, Polymer Stock, Ghost Sights, Matte Black Finish, Pump Action. The gun is a Remington 870 knock-off. It is better made and more sturdy than the 870 Express but not quite as beefy as the 870 Police model. All Remington 870 stock parts can be used on the Hawk except the barrel.

Now for the best part, it currently sells for under $200.

Here are the best deals I can find at the moment., currently $175.20 plus shipping, currently 177.08 plus shipping

You’ll have to have the shotguns sent to an FFL for transfer if you buy online.

I took my Hawk 982 out for a test run and it took every shell that I put through it (both full load and low-recoil) without problem. I patterned 5 types of 00 Buck and #4 Buck at 20 feet. At 20 ft all were less than a hand span. The Federal LE 00Buck patterned all 9 pellets and the wad in a 2” circle (4 consecutive times). At 25 yd the Federal LE 00 Buck patterned at less than a hand span. Granted the Federal LE is a tight patterning round but the Hawk 982 was outstanding with it.

One final note, the only complaint I found was the 2 screws that attach the rear ghost sight can sometimes work loose. The solution is to just remove them and lock-tight them when you get the shotgun to head off any problems.


Ed Rogers
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