One of the neat little products I found at the Outdoor Retailer show was INSTAFIRE. It is a fire starting aid. It does not contain any benzene or other toxic chemicals. It will burn when wet and will stay lit in a 30 mph wind. It has a 30-year shelf life.  It even burns and floats on water

I have seen this product before but only in larger 4 gal buckets ($48) and #10 cans ($12) thru Emergency Essentials. Instafire is now packaging in single, burnable 1/2 cup packages. Each packet weights less than 2 ozs. They are $1 each in 12 or 24 packs.

Anyone with a little practice can build a fire in normal conditions. Where these little packets shine is when you need to build a fire in rain, wind or snow. You can literally lay this stuff in water and it will still burn. The toughest fire to start is one where you have wet kindling and wet wood. One packet burns at 800 degrees for 1/2 hour. This is plenty of time to dry out wet kindling and wood and get a fire going on its own. Perfect to put in your emergency pack for snowmobiling, back-country winter sports or for hiking where weather can turn on you quickly.

Check out the youtube video:

The larger buckets are available now. The burnable packets will be available sometime in March.



Ed Rogers

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