I met Greg Kennedy the inventor of LazerBrite Modular Light System at the Outdoor Retailer in August.  I was impressed by the modular nature of the system and how you could combine different modular pieces to fit a large range of lighting applications.

I have been playing with the system for the past couple of months. And have found the system to be outstanding in every way.  All pieces are US made and are built to last.

The main system components are 3 oz. LED light heads  and translucent tubes.  The LED Light Heads come in single-mode and multi-Lux.  Multi-Lux heads have 3 modes, high, low, and flash.  The light heads and components are fully waterproof.

The heads come in 6 colors, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue and in Infared.  Additional items in the system are opaque Glow Domes, Magnetic End Caps, Helix Bungees, Lanyards, and Threaded Loops.

Using these components you can make a number of lighting items.  The chart below shows some possibilities.










There are many possible military, law enforcement, and emergency preparedness applications.  For standard lighting for camping and emergency preparedness, I believe white multi-modes heads work the best.  My favorite setup turned out to be a single multi-lux light head with a glow dome and magnet end cap or helix bungee .

The light heads run on two 2032 lithium batteries (included) and the brightness is  15 – 20 lumens on high mode and 3 – 5 lumens on low mode.

I did a run-time test on the low setting of a multi mode head and the run-time was over 5-days straight.  That’s almost 125 hours of light or 3 hours of light everyday for over 40 days.  This versatile lighting system is a great addition to anyone’s emergency preparedness storage.

You can order direct from LazerBrite at  There is free shipping on orders over $50.  They are also available on Amazon.


Finally here is a short YouTube video about the LazerBrite Modular Light System.  YouTube Video.


Ed Rogers
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