Comprehensive Medical Kit – The Comprehensive Kit builds on the Intermediate kit. It adds more bandages, medicine and instruments. The Comprehensive kit can handle more people and most severe accidents and illnesses. I have not listed quantities for any item. Store what you need for your family and situation. In a SHTH scenario, medical supplies will be worth their weight in gold. Stock extra if you can afford it. Even if you don’t have the expertise to use many of the items I’ve listed, having them available may mean the difference for you to get help. Doctors may be willing to help you but if there are no supplies available there would be little they could do.  I know this is a long list.  Just take one category at a time to work on.

Bandages and Dressings
Adhesive Bandages, cloth, 1″ x 3″
Adhesive Bandages, cloth, 3/4″ x 3″
Adhesive Cloth Bandages, Finger Tip
Adhesive Cloth Bandages, Knuckle
Adhesive Bandages, 2″ x 3″
Oval Eye Bandage
Non-adherent Pads, 2″ x 3″
Non-adherent Pads, 3″ x 4″
Gauze Pads, 2″ x 2″
Gauze Pads, 3″ x 3″
Gauze Pads, 4″ x4″
Gauze Pads, 5″ x9″
Conforming Gauze, 2″
Conforming Gauze, 3″
Conforming Gauze, 4″
Kerlix Gauze, 2.5″
Kerlix Gauze, 4.5″
Curasilk Tape, 1/2″ x 10 yds
Curasilk Tape, 1″ x 10 yds
Stockinette Bandages
Compression Bandage 2″
Compression Bandage 3″
Compression Bandage 4″
Abdominal Pads
Multi-Trauma Dressing
Burn Dressing, 2″ x 3″
Burn Dressing, 4″ x 4″

Wound Closure Kit
Butterfly Closures, med
Butterfly Closures, lg
Skin glue
Skin stapler
Nylon Suture (3-0, 4-0, 5-0)
Absorbable Suture (3-0, 4-0, 5-0)
Suture Forceps (Mayo Hegar Needle Holder)
4.5″ Fine Straight Scissors (Iris)
4.5″ Thumb Tissue Forceps (Tweezers) Mouth-Tooth
Lidocaine with epinephrine

Severe Bleeding/ETA/Blow Out Kit
Combat Gauze/Quik-Clot
Israeli Compression Bandage
H & H Compressed Gauze
Combat Application Tourniquets
Nasopharyngeal Airway
Pneumothorax Kit (Halo chest seal, 14g 3.5″ )
Tegaderm Film 4″x4.5″

Infection Management
Sterile Irrigation Fluid
Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1 oz tube
Betadine (povidone iodine) Pads
Cotton Tip Applicators
Alcohol Pads
Benzoin Tincture Swab
After Cuts Pads
After Bites Pads

OTC Medications
Pain Management
Aspirin – Mild Pain
Acetaminophen – Mild Pain
Ibuprofen – Mild Pain & Inflammation
Naproxen – Mild Pain & Inflammation
A C & C (8mg Codeine – Canada)

Respiratory and Digestive Care
Pseudoephedrine – Decongestant
Cough Drops – Sore Throat
Guaifenesin – Expectorant
Diphenhydramine – Antihistamine, Sleeping Pill
Cetirizine – Antihistamine
Bismuth Subsalicylate – Nausea, Indigestion and Diarrhea
Dimenhydrinate – Nausea and Vomiting
Ranitidine – Heartburn and Indigestion
Calcium carbonate – Indigestion and Heartburn
Loperamide – Diarrhea
Bisacodyl – Constipation
Oral Rehydration Electrolytes Packets

Skin Care
Hydrocortisone Cream – Rashes, Itches, Skin Irritations, Insect Bites, Poison Ivy
Zinc Oxide Ointment – Rashes, Chaffing, Skin Protection.
Antifungal Cream – Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch, Nail Fungus
Anti-Itch Cream – Itch Relief
Burn Gel w/ Lidocaine

Prescription Pain Medication
Pethidine/Meperidine HCL – Demoral
Hydrocodone – Vicoden, Lorcet, Lortab

Prescription Medication
Any Medications You Take
Zanamivir – Influenza A&B Inhibitor
Acetozolamide – Seizures
Epi-pen – Alergic Reactions
Albuterol MDI – Respiratory

Antibiotic Medications

Fracture Kit
36″ SAM Splint
Triangular bandage
Safety pins, large

Dental Kit
Temporary Filling Material
Tube Benzocaine 20%
Dental floss
Dental mirror

Medical Instruments and Equipment
Safety Pins
Splinter Tweezers
Nail clippers
Trauma sheers
Fine scissors
Scalpel (#11)
Oral Airway Set, #00 – #6
Bulb Syringe
BP cuff
LED headlamp
Lighter or Matches (Sterilize Equipment)

Personal Protection Equipment
Box Nitrile Gloves
Mask (N-95)
CPR Barrier Mask
Mask (surgical)

Needles & Syringes
18 G Needles
22 G Needles
27 G Needles
1 cc Syringes
3 cc Syringes
10cc Irrigation Syringe

IV Kit
IV Start Kit
18 G 1 1/2 ” Angiocaths
20 G 1 1/2 ” Angiocaths
22 G 1 1/2 ” Angiocaths
Alcohol pads
Gravity flow 10 drops/ml I.V. Administration Tubing
500 cc NS bag

Oral Rehydration Kit
Oral Rehydration Formula
Plain (Non-Iodized) Salt
Salt Substitute (Potassium Chloride)
Baking Soda
Measuring spoons
Water bottle

Emergency OB Kit
Nitrile Gloves
Sterile O.B. Pad
Drape Sheet
Poly Towels
Sterile Gauze Pads 4″ x 4″
Sterile Scalpel
Sterile Bulb Syringe
Sterile Umbilical Clamps
Nylon tie-offs
Plastic Placenta Bag
Under Pad

Other Items
Sugar Cubes (Insulin Shock)
Duct tape
Trash Bags – Medical Waste

Resource Books
Nurses Drug Handbook
Ditch Medicine
Where There Is No Doctor
Where There Is No Dentist


Ed Rogers

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