I’ve been trying out a few stoves I picked up at the Outdoor Retailer. I want to tell you about the Road Pro 12v Portable Stove. I’ve actually had this one since the July Outdoor Retailer and I’m just now getting around to trying it out. WOW big mistake for waiting so long. This stove comes from the trucking industry. Food at truck stops is expensive so trucker use 12v stoves to cook their food while they drive. This is one of their best finds. I like it because it can be powered by the cigarette lighter outlet in your car or by a battery bank if you have a small solar power setup.

Powered from your vehicle’s 12v cigarette lighter socket
Cooks and warms food to 300°
15 Amp fused 5.5′ power cord CE Certified
144 Watts (12 Amps)
Size 10.5″L x 7″W x 7 3/4″H
weight 3.8 Lbs

The only thing that limits this stove is your imagination. This thing really cooks. Put in some raw hamburger, some frozen vegetables, water and gravy mix and it will make stew. Simple meals like hotdogs on the road are so easy. Some water, package of hotdogs, buns and condiments and you are set. Ramen soup is just as easy.

I suggest buying some aluminum loaf pans at the grocery store and use them inside the cooker. Saves on cleanup and keeps your cooker new looking.

Oh yea all this for only $29.95 with free shipping. If you decide to buy it please use this link.

Here is a youtube video:


Ed Rogers

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