Survival Tool Bag

First let me say that I consider this down on the priority list after, water, food, warmth, shelter, energy, light, and alternate cooking source. If you have a limited budget, stick to the priorities. A tool kit can be used to repair your damaged items and can be used in scavenging for supplies.

Harbor Freight has some great ads on right now so I’ll put the tool kit together based on the current ad. Total around $60

Tool Bag 15″ – $4.99
16 oz Claw Hammer – $2.99
Pliers Set 6 pc., includes channel locks, large pliers, needle nose, large & small wire cutters – $7.99
Vice Grip type pliers, 3 pc set – $5.99
Good 6 pc set of Screwdrivers (sm, med, lg phillips & flat) – $6 – $12
Adjustable wrenches, 4 pc – $8.99
Utility Knife – $.99 Extra blades – $2
15″ Pry Bar – $1.99
SAE/Metric Hex & Star Bit Set – $5.49
Duct Tape – $2
Small Hack Saw – $4.99, Extra blades – $2
Small Folding Wood/Pruning Saw – $4.99

Optional: Bolt Cutters for scavenging – $13.

This kit is a home kit or car kit. It is too heavy to bug out with if you are walking. These items are very basic and if you are staying in place and have the money you can add other items like a come-a-long, rope, etc. More advanced items include rechargeable power tools, power saws and items to repair your shelter like boards, plywood, plastic sheeting, nails, screws, welding supplies, etc. Start with a set of hand tools and work up from there.


Ed Rogers

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