The cheapest food I know of is RICE. Almost one-half of the world depends on rice as its main or only food source. You can buy 50 lbs of long grain rice at Sam’s or Costco for less than $19. 00. Fifty pounds of rice will make 500 to 550, 200 calorie, servings of rice. That is only 3.8 cents per serving. Six servings per day provides 1200 calories for only 22.8 cents per day. Add some sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon and you have rice cereal. Add a bouillon cube for flavored rice. Add some orzo or broken pasta and a bouillon cube and have some rice-a roni.

So how do you cook rice in an emergency? I just purchased and tried out a new rice cooker. It is the Panasonic SRG06FG. I bought it on Amazon for $26 with free shipping.

It will make up to 6 cups of cooked rice (3 cups dry). It only uses 288 watts and uses only 2.48 amps. I cooked a batch using a 12v battery and 750 watt inverter in only 10 minutes. If you had a 125 amp hour battery, you could cook 200 batches before your battery ran out. If you had a little solar system you could cook for ever. If you used your car battery you could still cook for a long time.

Rice and a low wattage rice cooker is worth adding to your food storage.

If you decide to purchase the rice cooker, please use this link.



Ed Rogers

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