It’s the first day of our trial 2-week preparedness test.  Not many surprises.  The biggest surprise was that our 2000 watt modified sine inverter would not run the microwave on a test run.  I don’t think we would have used it all that often because it is such a big power hungry appliance but it would have been nice to run it for a minute or two for quickly heating something.  If we decide to use the microwave, it will be when we have the generator fired up and not off the battery bank.

Power has not been an issue yet.  The solar system is keeping the battery bank fully charged even on a partly sunny day.  We have a couple of stormy days ahead of us so we’ll see if that changes.  I’m testing 3 solar panel systems.  The first is a 720 watt system charging 750 Amp Hours of batteries with a 3000 watt pure sine inverter attached.  The second is a 200 watt system charging 375 Amp Hours of batteries with a 2000 watt modified sine inverter attached.  The third is a 45 watt system that I use to recharge a 100 Amp Hour battery that I use as a charging station for cell phones, I-pods, AA battery charger, etc.

Food and cooking food has been easy so far.  Today I am using a Gasone Portable Butane Stove.   Boiled 2 cups of water for oatmeal in about 4 minutes this morning and cooked spaghetti, marinara sauce, and garlic toast for lunch with ease.  For around $20, it is a great emergency stove.  Butane canisters are about $2 each.  We are using paper plates and bowls and plastic eating utensils.

Hygiene and sanitation is going well.  We have a bathtub filled with pool water with a gallon pitcher to flush the toilets.  We are following the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down” rule.  We have hand sanitizer at all sinks and I have hand wash stations at each sink.   The wash stations are made from used All liquid laundry detergent gallon jugs, filled with water and turned on their side.  The jug has a push button spigot which works just like a sink faucet.  For the kitchen sink we has set 2 plastic tubs inside each side of the sink, one side for washing, one side for rinsing.



I think that’s it for today.  So far so good.


Ed Rogers
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