Day 10.  At this point we are just grinding out the remaining 4 days of our preparedness test.  For the most part, we have water, food, power, cooking, and other major tasks down to what I call the “efficient essentials”.

In the last 4 blogs, while the test is still going on, I wanted to start noting the things we’ve learned.  Some big and important and some small but still important.

If you use a drip filter to filter your water, clean the filter often with a scotch pad.  It helps the efficiency of the filter.  We filtered just 15 gallons of rain water and here is a picture of the filter.  Half has been cleaned, half has not been cleaned.  The grime is just from rain water.  Think how fast a filter could get dirty with pond water or stream water.

We have not used paper cups to drink.  We normally use refillable plastic bottles for drinking water and that worked well during the preparedness test.  We just filled the drinking bottles directly from the filter spigot.  We did use a few paper cups but we used them when we brushed our teeth.

We have used almost as many paper bowls as paper plates.  We’re definitely going to store more bowls.

Don’t trash any opened cans.  Small cans can be used for measuring.  An 8 oz. tomato sauce can be used as a 1 cup measure).  I also used that same 8 oz. tomato sauce can as a biscuit cutter.  Medium sized cans can be used to measure liquid and if you check for sharp edges, they can be used as drinking cups.  Larger cans can be used to storage things or as a cooking pot on an open fire (be sure to use a pair of pliers or a hot pad to remove a can from a fire).

Use a little extra water and do a deep cleaning of your kitchen and bathroom once a week.  The tendency when you are trying to conserve water is to let a little dirt go.  It also doesn’t help that you are working in dim light during some hours.  It would not be good to get sick during an emergency because you let up on cleanliness.

Without gasoline, during an emergency you may not leave your property.  During the last 3 days with a lot of rain, we hardly left the house.  Cabin fever and boredom are definitely possible.  Have some entertainment available.  If you have power, the TV is great.  Books, games, audiobooks, etc. can help keep you sane.

So what have we missed most?  Meat and animal fat without a doubt.  We decided to use a shoestring diet that didn’t include meat.  By the time a week had rolled around, our bodies were screaming for meat.  We have friends who are vegan, I don’t know how they do it.  During WWII, the one commodity that was most valuable was meat and fat. Even more valuable than sugar and sweets.

I know canned meat is expensive to buy.  I’ve done some blogs about canning your own meat.  After the preparedness test, I’m going to do another blog or two on canning meat.  Having meat in your storage will go a long way to meet your body’s cravings in an emergency.


Enough for today.  Day 10 and counting.


Ed Rogers
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