Day 14.  Last Day.  I’m cleaning up the equipment today and putting it away.  It hasn’t been bad but it’s time to get back to modern life.

I can’t say enough about doing whatever it takes to figure out what would make you feel “Normal” during an emergency.  Then go buy it or trade for it or make it and put it away.  But don’t put it away for good.  Get your equipment out at least once a year and make sure it’s in good working condition.  You don’t need to do a 2-week preparedness test like we have done.  A one or two day test will tell you a lot.  Going camping or cooking breakfast out in the backyard will tell you a lot about your equipment’s readiness and your supplies.

Two final cooking methods to test today.  The first is a camp grill.  It is 24” x 16 “, and has 8” folding legs, about $30. I used it in the fireplace and created a low slow burning fire under it.  I cooked some great French Toast in a skillet that I placed on the grill.  The only trick, as you campers know, is to control the intensity of the fire.

The final method was the RoadPro Portable 12 volt Stove, about $28.  Looks like a lunch box but plugs into a 12 volt cigarette lighter to heat food up to 300 degrees.  A favorite of Truckers who use it to heat their food on the go.  Uses very little power.  We cooked freeze-dried chili over dehydrated potatoes in it.  Use a disposable aluminum bread pan for easy cleanup.  It worked very well.

Our final meal of the day will be a “cheat” meal.  It is a beautiful day here.  Mid 70’s, no wind, a perfect day to grill some steaks.  As our reward we’re going to grill a couple tenderloins, sweet onions, and mushrooms, and bake some potatoes.  We had the steaks in the freezer before the test started so I really don’t feel bad about bringing them out for a celebratory meal.

I’ll probably will take a day off tomorrow but I want to do some blogs on canning meat, including canning bacon.  Thanks for following us during this 2-week test.

Day 14, just a good sleep and a wakeup from completing the 2-week emergency preparedness test.


Ed Rogers
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