Day 3.  I feel like I have caught up on retrieving and setting up gear and supplies so today I’m going to try to take it a little easier and even do a little yard work.  Collecting gear and remembering where you stored all your preps is not as easy as it might seem.  I’m still looking for a granite-ware water pot and can’t find it anywhere.

A quick note on having backup equipment and even backups to your backups.  I attached a 750 watt inverter to a battery yesterday to run a small rice cooker.  I have used this exact battery, inverter, and rice cooker setup several times before.  This time as soon as I attached the inverter to the battery there was a sizzle, pop and the inverter was fried.  Luckily I have a backup.

We are trying out a Colman stove today for cooking.  My wife rescues old Colman stoves from the thrift shop and I fix them up.  We have four stoves to try out over the next 4 days.  Today’s stove is a model 413G from the 60’s or 70’s that now uses a propane adapter to run on one-pound propane canisters.

Water conservation has become a big priority.  I have realized how much water I waste by letting the water run while I rinse off dishes or brush my teeth.  I now use less than a half-gallon of water to rinse dishes for an entire day and use just one cup of water to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth.

Decided to make some Ham Radio contacts using two different repeaters.  Everything went as planned.  Ham Radio is how we will keep in contact with our kids during an emergency when cell towers are down.

Even during a preparedness emergency you need to stop and smell the flowers if you can.  It helps renew you and keeps you centered.  Today was an exceptionally nice spring day with temps reaching 80 degrees for the first time this year.  I took a little time to sit by the backyard pond and watch the ducks and geese swim and feed.  Tonight I’m going to build a fire in the fire pit and enjoy a quiet evening fireside.  A big storm is coming in tomorrow.  Enjoy the good things when you can.

I that’s it for today.  Still doing well.


Ed Rogers
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