Day 4.  It is going to be a short blog today.  It is a very cloudy day which is really affecting how much power the solar panels are providing.  The highest reading I’ve seen today is 150 watts which is enough to run essentials but not enough to run my computer for very long, hence the short blog today.

We tried out a Colman 426B 3-burner stove today.  That model was made from the mid 50’s to the early 60’s.  It is another stove that was rescued from the Thrift Store and now uses a propane adapter to run on one-pound propane canisters.  We also tried a Colman Oven to bake some buttermilk biscuits.  Both the stove and the oven worked great.  We cooked the biscuits at 400 degrees, not bad for a camp oven.



Coffee this morning was courtesy of a French Press.  I find using a French Press is easier than a Purolator type coffee maker.  All you do to make coffee with a French Press is to put course ground coffee in the bottom of the press, add almost boiling water, let it all sit for 5 minutes and then press the handle down which traps all the coffee grounds at the bottom and leaves great coffee on top to pour.

I that’s it for today.  I’ll try to do a longer update tomorrow.  Still doing well.


Ed Rogers

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