Just a reminder to get some water stored. Don’t count on the public water system or the water in your water heater. Start out with a week supply and build up to a 30 day supply.

You can die without water in only 3 days, but most people have more food in their house than water. We are so use to turning on a faucet that we don’t consider the need to store water. You need 1 gallon of drinking water a day per person, 1½ – 2 gallons per person if you live in a hot climate. This is just drinking water. It does not include any water for cooking, cooling or for washing.

One gallon jugs of water can be bought at the grocery store for under $1. (I’ve see them for $.69 on sale). A case of bottled water cost around $3 – $4 a case. Each case is the equivalent of 3 gallons of water. This is a quick storage solution.

I prefer filling my your own containers from the tap, it is a lot cheaper. Using empty milk jugs or empty 2-liter soda bottles you can store your water for free.
Empty milk jugs are okay if you can’t afford other containers, but they do not hold up well. Empty 2-liter bottles, especially the ones that are made from brownish or green plastic, are free and are sturdy. They are easy to carry if you have to leave your house and can be stored almost anywhere, even under a bed.

The best container is made from non-clear plastic. Clear plastic containers are okay if they will not be exposed to the sun. Sun exposure can cause algae growth.

My favorite stay at home water storage container is the 7 gallon Aqua-Tainer made by Reliance. It comes with a spigot and is stackable. I get mine at Wal-Mart for around $11. Reliance has upgraded their design recently. Make sure you get the containers with the screw-cap air relief . The older model containers had a hole with a white plastic stopper for the air relief.

STORE SOME WATER NOW – The most important thing is to get some water stored RIGHT NOW; in the best container you have available RIGHT NOW. Then as you have time to upgrade your preparedness items, get better water storage containers if you need to.

Treating Water – Do you need to treat the water? Most municipal water contains enough chemicals from treatment that you are okay to store the water out of the tap as long as you rotate it every 6-12 months.

The easiest way to treat water is to add chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach provides 5 to 6 percent sodium hypochlorite (check your label) Use non-scented, chlorine bleach which is less that 3 months old (bleach loses potency with age). The chart is for clear tap water.

• 1 quart container 2 drops of bleach
• 2 liter soda bottle 4 drops of bleach
• 1 gallon container 8 drops of bleach
• 2 gallon container 16 drops of bleach (1/8 tsp)
• 5 gallon container 1/2 teaspoon of bleach

A final tidbit. Your body needs water to digest food. If you don’t have water to drink, don’t eat. Eating food without drinking water will clog up your digestive tract and in some cases can kill you.


Ed Rogers

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