“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.”

Many years ago, I realized that no one had my best interest at heart as much as I did. I decided that I needed to be responsible for all the things in my life that affected my happiness, health, wealth, safety & well-being.

What amazes me is how many people have given the control of their destiny to the hands of others. We turn our health over to insurance companies, our wealth over to employers and our safety and well-being over to the government. In large part, we have given our success or failure to the control of others.

If this sounds like your life, ask yourself – When did I decide that it was someone else’s job to take care of my well-being?

Look at the aftermath of Katrina and Haiti. Masses of people expected others to take care of them and then suffered severe consequences when help never materialized. In the best of conditions, resources can be overwhelmed by large or unexpected events. What amazed me most about Katrina was that everyone had at least a one week notice and still many people did nothing. Just filling a bathtub with a supply of drinking water would have made a big difference but not many people did it.

We have to change the mentality that someone else is responsible to take care of us and that all we have do is just wait for help.

“If you want something done right – Do it Yourself.”


Ed Rogers

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